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    Im wondering if anyone can help with advice or has been in the same situation. Long story short me and my ex broke up 3 years ago and we have a 4 year old little one who lives with me, he had always paid some child maintenance to me but has now decided to stop paying. He said he doesn’t have to pay as he has our son 50/50.


    He has our son equal nights over a two week period (he has him 3 nights then 4 the week after and we swap) however he does not have equal shared care during the days. He does not pick his son up >until 5pm on the ‘nights’ he has him and drops him back 8:30/9am the day after to me or school and only has him 1 full day a week on the Sunday . I do the school pick ups,I have him all the time throught the school holidays, dentist, Dr’s appts ect, im the contact for school and deal with all of this. Does this give him the right to not be paying anything as CSA work out payments on nights?


    I am waiting for the CSA to get back to me but thought someone may have had a similar experience

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