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    My husband and I separated nearly a year ago now and since then he hasn’t paid any child maintenance. Our twin daughters are 6 years old and are with me the majority of the time, he has them every Thursday after school overnight and takes them to school on the Friday and then he has them every other weekend.  I have recently brought the subject up again and he said he doesn’t feel he needs to pay it as he buys them clothes for at his for when he has them and he supports them when with him. I don’t know much about it all so would be grateful to know if he is right or if he should be paying something. I want to go in with as much info as possible as I know he is going to try get out of it


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    Hi TB83, Anonymous is absolutely right. CMS have two options 1) Indirect Pay, this is where you pay an initial £20  provide CMS with details of how to contact your ex eg address & phone. They will ask details regarding his employment status and access arrangements. Once they have contacted him they will do an assessment based on his earnings & over night stays & calculate how much he should be paying. He can pay direct by Standing order to you each month. They will encourage  (1) first. Option 2 is they go direct to him arrange his scheduled amount + 20% charge, deduct 4% from his scheduled payments (exc 20%) and then CMS pay you the remainder. This way they can monitor if he fails to pay & have the power to go direct you his employer if he is not self employed.  I have chosen option 1 to try & be amicable. You can do a self assessment online on if that helps if you didn’t want to go through CMS if he would be open to that option. Hope you get it sorted, you not alone with this situation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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