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    Hi all,

    I split from my son’s da just over 2 years ago and he hasn’t paid child maintenance and we have really struggled. I went to CMS on day one but it hasn’t worked out yet. My ex claimed he wasn’t the dad and then we had to do a DNA test to get the evidence he was and then he claimed he wasn’t working… he was living in Dubai and working for a British company, so CMS said it was still able to get payments from him. We then started a financial investigation that was so close to finishing before lockdown. The man dealing with my case in the financial investigation unit had told me that my ex was earning a lot of money (over 150k) and that I was definitely entitled to monthly payments. But I can now not get through to them and there is no indication when they will open again. There is no way that I can turn to a food bank again and I am really relying on the outcome from CMS. Does anyone know when the department will open again?

    Also if anyone has been through the financial investigation and had a positive outcome, what happened next?

    thank you x

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    I don’t suppose you had any luck with your case did you?


    I’m having the same problem as you. It’s weeks and weeks until i can speak to someone in investigations. They never answer my calls and it’s been going on now since August 2020.

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    Crafty Mum

    Hi there. They say it takes around 6 months to get it all looked into. I just had a result following FIU. It took 8 months. But waiting now to hear from CMS. And have no idea yet how I will get the payments owed and future payments as he is classed as self employed. To help my case, I wrote to my local MP, and HMRC and copied in CMS. I got a response from MP who had written to CMS. This will give your case some weight and speed up the process. Don’t give up. It’s a long battle.

    Good luck

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    Have you contacted NACSA. They charge small fee but might be worth a try if CMS taking long time.

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    CMS made their annual review January 2021 and was for the same miserable amount as year before, 45pw.  So, I asked for a reconsideration and it was increased to 70pw.  I am still not convinced that is the correct amount.  So, I have appealed again even though previous appeal achieved nothing

    Ex operates through a UK registered limited company and accounts are filed every year.  Both CMS and HMRC seem to accept the tax returns.  Variation has already been made for unearned income (rental income and dividends), but 70pw still feels low.

    What can the FIU do that CMS and HMRC cannot?  Are the FIU obliged to take on every case like this?

    From other posts I see that FIU provides updates to the receiving parent?  Are they following the exes or probing around for information that CMS or HMRC cannot access?

    Any help appreciated as only 2 more years before child is 18 and maintenance ends.  So, if arrears are due I want to pursue now/






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    how many children do you have? I think £70 a week is reasonable amount. as you mentioned maintenance payments are due to end soon, do you have plans of how to financially support the kids going forward?

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    Have one child. Ex started a Child Trust Fund when child was born.  I have not seen any of the statements since the divorce 5 years ago, but ex estimated the fund will be worth around 50K when child reaches 18.  So, if child wants to go to University there should be enough funds to cover costs.

    Birthdays, Christmas presents, school trips and mobile for the child are all paid by ex.

    I was furloughed for over a year.  Prior to that working tax credits had to be refunded due to overpayment.  Also, spousal maintenance (100pw) came to an end earlier this year.  So, a lot worse off now than before, but CMS have advised that is not good grounds for appeal.  Legal have advised that spousal maintenance and child maintenance are not connected.



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