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    Thank you green grass for your kind and well judged commentsyou have read these threads right

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    Anonymous has apologised and wished you luck yet still you continue on.

    We’re all here for the same reason – please let’s not slip into name calling.

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    Right I’m very upset now and my evening is ruined!

    who started all of this animosity? Well I’ll give you a clue and it wasn’t Harddoneby.

    Personally, I’m saddened that one person can be so demonstrative.

    Pkease think about others feelings when responding as per forum rules.

    we’ve all had a horrible time and some have moved on.

    harddoneby, if you are banned I will protest. You were provoked.

    Anonymous, I’m so concerned about the anger you have. Perhaps we should give one another a wide berth.

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    Again, I reiterate, Anonymous has apologised and sent best wishes.

    I’m really not sure what else it is you want from her.

    The only person who has mentioned getting Harddoneby banned is Harddoneby.

    Please, let’s move on.

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    Honestly? To not be antagonistic. To be more thoughtful. There’s other ways to get your point across than being hurtful.

    good night

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    I have been a child maintenance payer and then, through residency transfer, a main carer without child maintenance payments.

    So got a bit of experience on both sides. Originally I thought the opening question was legitimate, even though other sites would be more appropriate. Anonymous was a bit harsh on her original response and MAYBE, through past experience, a slight bias against non resident parents. Males, that do care for their kids, do not get an easy ride with child maintenance and the system is set up to try to be reasonably fair on both parties. We never know what the full story is just after one post but I thought the opening poster did come from a legitimate angel though, once again, probably not on the correct site.

    Saying that, harddoneby abuse was not acceptable on Anonymous and I, and probably others, did report the post as it was personal abuse. Anonymous does try to help many posters out but not everyone can get everything right all the time and be totally unbiased but personal abuse is not acceptable.



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    This whole thing is a bit like the chicken and the egg?

    if Anonymous hadn’t been so provoking and rude, would harddoneby reacted as he did?

    probably not! Perhaps some people should keep their thoughts to themselves. As I stated before, most of us have had a rough time. My ex is still messing around with funds and yes I have gone through the appropriate channels do I can do without any words of wisdom. I don’t confront people on this site.

    report me if you like. This is pure pettiness caused by a person who is so disrespectful

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    I think we’re all adult here and it’s probably time to stop with the “she started it so I’m just going to go on and on and on and on and onnnnnnnnnnnnn about it now”.

    No doubt one of you will be back to have the last word….

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    Be nice. I’m sick of self opinionated people .

    what a great site so friendly and welcoming.

    Wait some of you guys remind me of my ex husband!

    Khalessi honestly you are hilarious

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    Thank you dahling, I am to please 🙂

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    Hi forum users,

     We have had a couple of members report this thread to us. As a result, we would like to remind you all that the Gingerbread forum should be a non-judgemental and welcoming environment for all single parents, whatever your background or experiences. It’s great to discuss ideas and opinions and we encourage debate here, but we kindly ask that members try to avoid personal comments and instructing other users what to do, and remember that it’s against the rules to use behaviour and language that’s disruptive and deliberately offensive to other users. Try and be supportive to your fellow Gingerbread members, and please refer to our rules to see what we allow and don’t allow on the forum.

    Happy chatting.

    Best wishes,



Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)

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