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    Hello all,

    Wonder if anyone could help me on this one.

    I shared a good relationship with my child’s father until he got in to a new relationship 2 years ago. Since then he has slowly decreased the contact with our child and stopped paying maintenance. He still wants to see our child but only on his terms. He had previously always paid child maintenance. He took a voluntary redundancy from his job for a decent pay out. His girlfriend has her own business and he has openly told me that he works there 8-6 everyday (this is the reason he claims he cannot see our child anymore than he does). CSA are involved but have said that as he is not showing as employed so he does not have to pay any maintenance. The issue is that he is working for his girlfriend and not down as working with HMRC, and therefore is being able to evade paying maintenance. What should I do? Thanks in advance.


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    If he is working and not registering as self employed or employed that’s illegal surely?  Because that would be tax avoidance as well as avoiding maintenance etc. I would guess its also illegal to pay people under the table as an employer so she could be reported to the tax man too. Although I’m no expert you’d have to look into it but I’d start with that.

    Obviously if he is claiming benefits and working you could report him for benefit fraud but I’m guessing that doesn’t apply here.

    If you have any written evidence that he’s said hes working like texts or emails I’d save them just in case too.

    Good luck, I think it’s absolutely shameless when people dont contribute to their child’s life financially when they are able to.

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    1 question, do you need the money?

    I know that both parents should contribute towards a child’s upbringing. However, I am a strong believer that peace of mind is more important and if it’s going to give you stress, then it’s not worth it.

    My ex makes loads of money, even brought properties and CMS is so smart they believed his lies of earning peanuts and now he gives nothing.

    He still sees our child and believe me that everything our child visits him, he has everything he needs provided by me.

    Like I said, I do not know your financial situation. If you need the help which is fine, then take it. Your child deserves it.

    But, if you can do it alone. Leave him to it. He will lose more in the long run.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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