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    Hi all,


    I’m sorry if this subject has been discussed many times before. I found out in November that my ex moved to Norway in September. (CSA payments was meant to increase November as part of the annual review, because he didn’t pay the extra I made contact with the CSA hence how I found out about the move. They were unaware he had moved abroad either) I managed to make contact with one of his relatives who informed me of his move to Norway.

    It has taken the CSA  until now to ring his employer, who confirmed today he works for a Norwegian company. So the CSA have closed my case and advised he doesn’t have to pay me anything. He has been paying the old sum but not the increased amount.

    Having  further researched am I right in saying he still has to pay the old amount and that I can take a court order and a REMO if he stops paying? CSA seem very unwillinging to answer even basic questions only telling me my case is now closed.


    many thanks for listening.

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