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    I wondered if anyone could help? My son is 16 and currently waiting to see what his GCSE grades are. He had applied for an apprenticeship and had a back up plan to go to college if he didn’t get up and has a place. My understanding is that maintenance would stop if he was successful with the apprenticeship. He has been told today the apprenticeship is on hold until October as it depends when colleges can go back as to whether the apprenticeship has to be deferred for 12 months.

    How would this leave me with maintenance for him if no decision is made on education until October? He is currently in limbo and cannot make a decision as to whether he will be going to college or not. He has told my ex who is now inundating me with abusive texts about how he is no longer in education and he can stop paying the maintenance now. My view is that he is in education as long as he still intends to go to college and it’s not his/my fault if college is not open?

    I wouldn’t mind the abuse  but I do consider myself to be reasonable, he pays maintenance on the basis he sees him 2x a week, something he hasn’t done for 12 months  but I just let it go as it is not worth it. I just don’t want to be bullied on this matter without knowing the full facts. I have tried to contact the CMS but cannot get through.

    Thanks in advance x

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