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    I am a single parent. In splitting from my ex wife we agreed she could have more equity from the sale of the house such that she could buy the house that she wanted. I agreed knowing it would substantially increase my debt in buying a new property. We agreed we would share responsibility for our children and each pay costs when they were with them accordingly. I have them from Friday to Monday evening every week. Both of us were working (my ex being self employed) with my ex having predominantly work in evenings and weekends. We agreed to split bills and I earning more than my wife paid more. The CMS were not involved and this has worked well for several years. Recently my wife who lives now with a new partner has indicated she has gone to the CMS as she has lost work as a result of Covid 19 so any money she is indicating is for loss of work rather than for the care of our child (Other child no longer qualifying). The CMS have come up with a figure in excess of £450. My ex always throws the line of me earning more than her around like a stick. It’s irrelevant we are no longer together. Whilst calculated correctly this is far in excess of what I know our daughter was costing us meaning my ex considers she should contribute nothing to her care and given the agreement when we split this now means that I will no longer be able to provide clothes  and entertainment with her when I have her each weekend or take her away on holiday. I totally agree with Child Maintenance but not when it feels like it can be abused in this way for personal gain

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