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    I have no idea as to where to start, my ex husband has said he has moved to Germany to be with girlfriend and children and cms have said they will keep the case open in case he moved back to this country.

    i don’t know where he is or which town so I can’t contact him myself, he has told them he is not working and they have said they have checked and this is the case.
    I’m just not sure where to go from now, I’m not sure how they can check if he is working or not if he is abroad.  He has been assessed as nil payments and they also said they would check the address to see if it was out of their jurisdiction and close the case if that’s so.

    I know that cms don’t have powers over parents abroad, If he moves back to this country, how will cms know? It’s likely he will never have to pay any maintenance as cms won’t know he is in the country and if they close the case, and moves back then I won’t know he is here and liable for child maintenance.

    so frustrating, with cms and he has got away with it, he told me he was not going to give any maintenance as it would be paying for me!



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    Thank you for the link, I’ve had a look and it’s something to try.

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    Hey there

    Sorry to hear that

    Meanwhile you are checking with CMS I’ll recommend to use social media to find out where he is:


    Instagram and many popular app exist there

    So start searching it might be helpful if you could find him there


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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