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    Child maintenance is a waste of ex as asked for a dna test twice.ive nothing to hide then he won’t go through with it.he as another child with an ex who he doesn’t see. Hes told cms his child lives with him i told them as he sent proof cause the mother receives child benefit.i was told we take him at his word…what a joke this it looks like every parent has to do the cms job for them.they have given him extension of 30 days at a time why is no one from cms looking into cases instead of taking a word alarm bells ring cause they have access to benefits so they could of checked if this child was living with him.also where he lives in a 1 bed flat doesn’t allow kids and he works full time no solicitors will do court order to get a dna test from him.he can keep ringing cms every week to request a dna cms the rules on website dont apply they have all .my calls evidence and wont prosecute for wasting their time.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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