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    Hi guys

    I opened a case with CMS after my baby was born but after 4 months they came back to me and said because the father was self employed it was only showing he earnt less than £7 a week and they couldnt get any money. I know he gets cash in hand and earns more from his business but I’m stuck on if i could take this further

    He denied he was father, we were not together properly and he reckons i was lying about baby being his in order to use it as a way we could be together. He called me all kinds and there was nothing i could do…no proof means he has evaded all responsibility he wouldnt want to know baby even he he was the father he said

    I tbought i would leave it as it was too much stress at the time and he used a payg phone to harrass me by text the other month so that was getting me down and i didn’t wanna draw anymore stress on me but police couldn’t trace number to him even tho txts mentioned his name.

    I really am unsure of why i have to feel like down about it while he gets away with it all

    Any advice guys, anyone had anything similar where CMS are a waste of time

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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