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    Hi there!

    I’m in need for advice. I’ll try to describe the situation in short. Please comment if you know how to deal with the situation.

    My fiance and I split up about three months ago after police interference (he became violent and abusive both to me and my older boy). He’s still under investigation. Since moving out I’ve been living at my mom’s.

    We have a son, who is 14 months currently. I also have an 11 years old son from the previous relationship. I’m a resident parent to both of my boys.

    My ex-partner sees his son 1-2 times a week. I have no objections to the visitations.

    Currently I’m a full time mother. I don’t work not because I don’t want to, but I can’t see how to pay for the nursery/babysitter and still be left with money. Moreover, my LO is so attached to me that it can be very stressful for him to be away from me for a substantial period of time. That’s why I’ve decided to wait for another few months till he’s a bit older and then start.

    Few months before our break up my ex transferred £10,000 to my bank account. We agreed that the money will be used on his son (more specifically it will be added to the mortgage on a property that I will be able to get a credit for once I start working).  No one knew at a time that we were so close to break up. If he did he would never do this.

    I’m obviously spending the money now bit by bit, because I need to provide for my children. I try to be careful with the money, but it’s not that much and won’t last for too long.

    My ex is refusing to pay the child’s maintenance arguing that he’s already given me enough. He’s not officially employed. For at least 10 years he’s been earning a commission from selling but never paid a penny to HMRC. He’s a good salesman and earns annually not less than £80,000 annually, normally even more. Because of tax evasion he doesn’t keep money on his bank accounts but hides somewhere. For the same reason he doesn’t own the property (as it can be taken away from him because of his tax evasion). He rents a £1500\month property, drives a fancy car etc.

    To justify myself I had no idea of his wrongdoings for a very long time, and it definitely put a strain on our relationship once I started uncovering the ugly truth.

    My question is: is it worth contacting CMS to try to get some weekly financial support from my ex partner? Is there a chance his earnings could be proved or will I just waste my time?

    I would really appreciate any feedback from you. Thank you.


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