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    Afternoon people

    Need some  advise again.

    Ex had moved out and been living  back at  parents house for 2 years.

    I get the child benefit money and CSA money which is peanuts.

    Court order Agreement Ex has kids after school until I get home from work. Normally she would bring kids back home and cook for them which I pay for out of the benefits ,now she has her own flat she had offered to cook kids there dinner every day after school  before I pick them up.

    Don’t trust her and think she is trying to get CSA monies back and child benefit as she can tell them she cooking kids dinner every day during school terms which she would be paying for herself.

    Will I loose any benefit money as she now cooking kids dinner more 5 days a week and I’ll be cooki g dinner only 2 days.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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