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    If you know 100% your children’s father is working and receives a very good salary but is claiming UC and says they are self employed. What can you do when CMS say they can’t investigate him as officially he is in benefits?
    I have already sent a 40 page document with evidence to them and HMRC with tonnes of evidence??
    Children have no contact due to DA.


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    Could you make a report for suspected benefit fraud?

    It might be a long process but if you know he is claiming UC fraudulently and can provide evidence then the benefit should be stopped and then the CMS can investigate.

    Although you have sent evidence to HMRC and the CMS perhaps specifically reporting benefit fraud would help?


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    Hi thanks for the reply, I have done many times . 4 times online and 1 time via post  when I sent them HMRC and  CMS      a 47  page document. Including screen shots address for place of work and bank statements from my account as he puts £200 in each month despite  the fact he only has to pay £7???? I know I’m fortunate to receive this amount but money is tight for me and he is a very high earner. There have been times when I have had to use food banks.  CMS won’t investigate anybody who claims benefits.

    I believe this is more of the financial control behaviour that he used to use on me and continues to do so……

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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