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    Hi all.

    Ex wife ran away with the children in March.

    She’s now put in for Child Maint before the first hearing at the Family Court.

    Can she do this before a CAO has been given? First hearing and CAFCASS not happening until mid August

    I’ll be going for 50:50 shared parenting on a 5-5-2-2 basis.

    Also, she has the same earnings as me and has greater future foreseeable earnings than I do.

    Thanks for any help/advice



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    Firstly for you to say she has ran away how far did she go

    Secondly I do think she can put in for child maintenance as this has nothing to do with court. Either way even if she is earning the same as you, you will have to pay your share as you are the parent.

    How old are your children

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    Hi Ck2617

    Thanks for your reply.

    Does the distance involved make a difference to Child Maint?

    If shared parenting is agreed i.e. 50:50 does it not then follow that each parent is paying their share i.e neither of us owe the other?

    Eldest coming up to 5years old and youngest turns 3 on Thursday.



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    Your ex is allowed to put in a CMs claim from the day you split.  The CAO will decide who has what access, dependant on what is in the best interests of the children, things like who can do school run routine etc Then the outstanding maintenance is calculated from the day of the claim.

    The distance only matters if it is a very long way, then travel costs are taken into account when maintenance is calculated.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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