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    My 4 year old son lives in Australia, and I am over here in the UK. There have been discussions on the levels of access to my son when I visit Australia. The disagreement centres around a gradual increase in access.

    My position is that during any trip access starts out light with me seeing my son with his mother present for first few days, then move up to taking me taking on a few day trips, to by the end of the trip having for a couple of non-consecutive nights. Slowly gradually increasing his familiarity and time with me.

    His Mothers position his that this gradual increase take place as he gets older. So going up the level of access from 2022, then again 2023,  with another jump not taking place and the level of access rising to 2026, then a final raise in 2029.

    My logic is that my outlook is more child focused – easing into the levels of access and not increasing access on calendar years, which gives no indiction on what the gap would be from when I last saw him.

    I was wondering if anyone had or could direct to either some expert analysis of this, whether it be a court, child psychologist or child focused professional that would give creedence to my point of view???


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