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    My ex met someone 6 months ago and my son has met her 3 times. However yesterday my ex left my 6 year old son alone with her while he collected my daughter. I wasnt consulted about this and was very annoyed that my son was left with someone I don’t know or he doesnt really know. My ex says I’m over reacting and he would never put my kids at risk. I knew that they would start to probably see this woman more but to be left alone with her without me knowing much about her has left me anxious and very annoyed. What if something happened him while his dad was t there. I feel it’s too soon for her to be consoling my child if something did happen. It’s just so annoying that my ex won’t listen to my concerns

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    “Your ex left YOUR son with her?” while he collected YOUR daughter?”


    Assuming they are his children too, you need to accept that he is not obliged to consult you on the day to day care of HIS children. No matter how annoyed it makes you.

    To help with your anxiousness and annoyance I would try some meditation.


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    Solo and Rob are right, if your ex has parental responsibility, then he is entitled to leave the children with anyone he chooses.

    It can be a bit nerve wracking though if the child doesn’t know that person. Can you suggest meeting up and saying hi, perhaps when you pick up or drop off, just to get a feel for if the new lady is kind? Ask your son & daughter if she is nice to them. Does she have children of her own?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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