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    Hi wondering if anyone has any information for me..

    My 5 year olds teacher has tested positive so he has to now self isolate for 10 days.

    Its just me and him at home and he would usually go to my mums for me to be able to go to work, Surely now he can’t do this as he has to stay home?

    Work is saying I’m not the person that’s been in contact so I don’t have to self isolate but who is going to look after my son.

    Its all so confusing.

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    a child at my daughters school tested positive. so school said my daughter has to isolate for 10 days. she was due to be back with her mum. mum doesn’t work so not much of an issue.

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    I would say the decision would be up to your mum. If you explain whats happened then up to her if she wants to look after your daughter or not indoors.

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    Your workplace sounds very unreasonable!
    It’s  not clear from the guidance, you don’t have to isolate…..but if you’re child has to isolate, which means staying at home and not leaving home, you can’t exactly leave them at home alone. It’s bonkers.
    can you work from home through the isolation period? There is the option to request parental leave, although I believe this is unpaid. Maybe citizen’s advice would be able to help


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    I had this situation and had to use holiday. It sucks.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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