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    My sons child in need plan specifies that;

    mother/ partner not to have contact

    mother / partner not to visit each other’s own homes.

    partner to have no contact with my child

    mother to get help with gambling addiction

    mother to attend  domestic abuse awareness

    Child not to be exposed to inappropriate/scary behaviour

    All of the above has been ignored and left my child alone with her partner.

    My sons Mothers partner is a Heroine addict and has been domestically abusing her.

    Child has been exposed to substance misuse in the home and acts of violence.

    They have both absolutely ignored the child in need plan. What can I do and how serious is it to breach a child in need plan?

    Thanks in advance

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    Further to my question, I recently went to an emergency court hearing (represented myself) and completed a C100 and C1A as child in need plan completely breached.

    I informed the judge it was my intention to remove my child because of this.

    I asked for a Pro Steps Order to ensure if child then visits mother, she’d have to return him to me.

    I asked for a pro steps order to keep partner away from my child.

    I asked for a residency order because of the situation to safeguard my child as not taking child in need plan seriously, putting my child at further risk.

    I walked away with a Pro Steps Order just that her partner can’t be at the house if my child is present.

    Court date for 6 weeks time and requires further evidence from Social Services.

    6 more weeks of worry for me as a father.



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    Oh this is awful I am sorry and I bet it’s very stressful. I honestly don’t know what to say but if you need a chat feel free to message it’s all very hard when you are trying to safeguard your child/children and the other parent does not. Sending you lots of fairy dust xxxxx

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    In the background to all of this, I have made arrangements to move closer to my child by moving jobs, new place to live 40 mins from mother as to consider their contact/welfare. I had him enrolled in a new school and bought new uniform.


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    Hi there FatherandSon,

    Thanks for your message and welcome to our amazing community of single parents.

    It sounds like you’ve got a lot on and you’re really worried about your child. It’s great that you’re sharing this and reaching out for advice and help, and it’s so important that you focus on the safety and wellbeing of your child, and take steps to keep them safe. Just to let you know, we’ve dropped you an email with some information and contacts that will allow you to explore your options and take action.

    I hope this helps and please keep chatting to other members, if you find this useful.

    Take care

    Poppy at Gingerbread

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    Thank you.  I have my son for the weekend.

    A meeting took place today and the social worker as suggested that my son lives with me during the week and visits mum weekends.

    To an extent I’m content, however it’s ensuring the Pro Steps Order is policed to ensure his mums partner stays away from my son.  I’d also like to add that my child must be returned to me if he visits mum.

    My child’s school believes a transition period is required, ie attending new school a day in the week before a full move to allow him to adjust.

    A section 7 was mentioned which I will hopefully get more details from the social worker after the weekend.

    My childs mother seemed to be warming to the idea, as this would free up some time for her to address her needs.

    I await the next court hearing and will ensure all is in place.

    The Pro Steps Order was better than I hoped, her partner is not allowed at the address or to have any contact with my son.  I can sleep easier till the court date .

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    Have you contacted your local safeguarding board?

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    Hi , what is a local safeguarding board??

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    I’m pleased to hear your update, its great news that he will be with you in the week.

    Hopefully in time he will adjust to his new school.

    I think that is such a positive thing to do, and also very hard and stressful to up root your life, but that’s brilliant that you are that dedicated to your son.

    Please keep us updated on the progress of your case.

    wish there was more daddy’s like you in the world.


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