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    Any support for kids who’s parents have seperated my 9 year old is finding it very hard

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    Hi Whelan,

    did you separate recently? Which issue is upsetting your son? Or is it just generally the change of routine/structure? I have an 11yo son and  i’ve been separated from his dad for a few years.

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    Hi W

    Im a single parent of three. She walked out on us unexpectedly.

    My oldest son who is 13 now, he was 11 at the time took it very hard.

    Kids tend to take part blame for the break up. All I done was to reassure him that it was nothing to do with him why mammy and daddy went their separate ways.

    It did take a bit of time but he’s a lot better now. Kids are very resilient.


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    Hi Whelanwonder

    It can be very difficult for children to process a separation.  I am including a link to our information page that has been specifically set up for children whose parents have separated.  Hope that helps, Justine

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