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    Hi all,

    I am a newbie here with a quick question please.

    I am a single dad, father of a 2 year old girl & have a “live with both” court order.

    I am currently receiving benefits and wondered if I could also claim the child benefit element as my daughter lives with me 2 nights a week?

    Thanks in advance,



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    I would think that because your child lives elsewhere for 5 days (with mum I assume) that person would be the one who would be rightfully claiming the CB but of you want to be certain just phone CB helpline and ask them.

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    Hi Jose,

    My ex is getting the child element on her benefits, but she doesn’t have custody, and our child lives with me full time. When we were in court going through the custody, she was actually ordered to pay it to me (though she didn’t), and when I questioned my solicitor if she should still be getting it, he said the requirement to be entitled was very low. It seems a child doesn’t even need to stay overnight, you just need to have some of the child’s stuff at your home in order to be entitled to it.

    Definitely worth giving the benefits office a call just to query it and they may just need to upload a birth certificate.

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    Hi both,

    Thank you for your replies.

    I have called them & have been advised that as long as my daughter spends the majority of time at my ex, then she is the one receiving the benefit in full…

    It is not about the money which would be insignificant, but in my opinion, this is not quite reasonable, but hey ho…

    Thanks again,

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