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    My ex husband left 4 years ago. It was unexpected and left me and my three young daughters in very difficult circumstances. I’ve always maintained amicable relationship with him and have never stopped him from seeing the children. He has never really made an effort to see them and has moved about an hour away to start a new life with a new partner and her children. My children always go to his mums (their grannys) on a Monday. This has always happened and usually their Dad would turn up later in the evening and drop them back home to me. My eldest daughter (10) has not wanted to go a few times and has gotten upset. Tonight she said that she didnt want to go to her granny’s because she is really cross with her dad and how he has treated/does treat us/them. She is quite mature, and him leaving had a big impact on her. He told lots of lies to everyone, including her, and I dont think she can forgive him for that. I have a good relationship with his mum (their granny). I dont think I should force her to go. Any advice please! Thank you.

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