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    Not sure where to start. On Sunday 14th June, the mother of my child have moved out leaving me and my daughter (she will be 2 in October).
    She stated that she is not fit to be a mother and she doesn’t want any contact with us, especially my daughter. I would like to point out that I am a biological father, my daughter have my surname and I am on her birth certificate.

    From Monday to Friday my mum helps me look after my daughter while I am working 9am till 5pm. When I checked the government website for advice with regards getting full custody for my daughter I have to attend some MIAM meetings with my ex partner, I do not want to do that as we weren’t married nor in civil partnership and she was the one leaving us. She simply lived with me just because we both had a baby.

    In the meantime she has assigned all benefits that she received for my daughter to my name and completely removed herself from any records held by HMRC?

    Will anyone be able to advise me what are my rights in this situation and what I can do to make sure that she won’t be able to take my daughter away from me? When the mum changes her mind after a year or two and decides that she wants to take my daughter.

    I appreciate your time reading this.

    Thank you


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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