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    Hi, I wonder if anybody is able to give me some guidance please?

    I am asking on behalf on my adult son who is also a single parent. He has a court issued Child Contact Order which enables him to have his children for 2 weeks in June. This week he has requested annual leave from his employment. His employer told him that he cannot take the leave as too many people are already off. My son told them he has a court order for contact with his children & he is giving them plenty of notice to take the time off. His manager asked if he had submitted the order. My son was confused & asked what he meant, but he didn’t explain this. Has anybody any idea what this means please?

    The conversation culminated in my son being told he would need to raise a grievance in order to request the time off? Does anyone know if they are allowed to do this?He has been in permanent employment with the organisation for several months, previous to that he worked for them via an agency. He has never received a contract from them & is not a member of the union. Please can anybody advise?

    Many thanks. x


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    he can tell employer he has already been through courts, and judges have approved the order. he should email the order to his boss. He should also raise this with HR. I wonder if they would treat a woman this way in the same scenario.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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