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    Im really struggling to find out where we stand with a situation I am in at the moment and I’m really hoping someone could help.

    i am a single parent living with my one year old son. My ex is living with his parents who all work. My partner has a child with another ex who lives with her new partner and young baby step sister. His ex lets him have his other child every weekend without fail. (Think she needs the break from home schooling 😂) I do not feel comfortable for my son to go to his parents house as they all work and I don’t know whether his other child’s mother, step father stick to the Covid restrictions. My ex is making my life a misery and making me out to be a terrible mother because I won’t let him go to his parents house like his other ex allows. I gave in an agreed that he could come here twice during the week in the evening and every other Sunday to spend time with him as long as he is on his own. Now he is saying that I am doing this to be awkward which I’m really not. I am on my own and given up the bubble I had with my parents previously so he could spend time with our son without me putting anyone else at risk. Am I being unreasonable? Should I be letting my son go to his parents house where three households would be mixing? I’m just so worried about the risk. Please please please help!

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    just wondering why you think this is worse than any kids who are going to school,then returning home every day to parents who are going out to workplaces every day amongst Other people who all go home at the end of each day to yet more people.( Some on public trsnsport!)…& I can assure you somewhere along the way someone is failing to keep to these manic making rules.The thing is,1 day this will come to an end.When that happens what kind of state do you want to be in? You could pick up this germ by going to the supermarket.Please remember that more ppl have recovered than died.It’s important to keep asensible  perspective and not get carried away with frightening and often misleading numbers in the media.

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    I think you should let your son go to his ex. warn him not to mix households, and other friends or family members should not be visiting his place. if he ignores then maybe you can stop contact temporarily. my daughter got caught covid a few days ago, by living in an overcrowded flat over there. and the irony is my ex kept the kids away from me for over 3 months during the initial lockdown!

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    I’m Michelle one of the moderators here in the forum.  I wonder whether our Coronavirus information pages might help you to clarify your arrangement with your partner?  There are also lots of signposts there for services who have put together lots of useful information around contact.  You can find this via the following link:

    Coronavirus – Gingerbread




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