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    hello all, first time I am putting something up on this forum so hope to get some support suggestions/guidance on what I am going through now. I am divorced and have 50-50 care agreed with my ex wife which is brilliant as I love my Daughter (7 years old) to bits. My ex has been refusing to give me my daughter’s passport during her holidays with me and I have been politely requesting her over the last few holidays since summer last year to give it to me by providing details of flights, hotels and emergency contact number, etc details. But unfortunately she is not releasing it. Has anyone faced this issue and how would you suggest I deal with it. I know I can do a specific issue order (C100) but before I do that are there other options to explore?

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    • You could state the passport is lost and get replacement though futile if you don’t have permission to travel as she can put a freeze on the travel.
    • mediation
    • ask directly in email the reason that she is refusing to give you the passport given you’ve furnished her with all relevant details re the the holiday
    • failing that you can go to court. If you go I’d specify  that you also want 28 consecutive days permission to be out of the country withy our daughter so don’t need to seek her permission as you currently need. Also that you are to be the passport holder with the passport to be returned to you within 48 hours of return from travel.
    • if you’re dual nationality you could get a second passport for your own country of origin.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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