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    Hi all.

    so here’s the Problem I split up with my child’s mother 2-2 1/2 years ago and have a 6 year old boy.

    I work 45hrs a week and shifts in retail, between 7am-8:30pm depending on shift. The child’s mother works night shift on random days, so I have my child when she works, which change week by week but always 2 nights a week.

    I currently have to reply on family to watch him as I am at work, but again depending on the my work day and I don’t see him enough and always reply on them. I hate having to do this, it’s not fair on my child/me who’s time with me isnt our time.

    I have spoke to the mother numerous times stating this but she doesn’t care as “she has to work” and “you can’t make me not have a job” and that she would move away if that’s the case closer to her family meaning I would barely see him at all.

    So I am kind of have no choice but to continue having my child when I can’t see him.

    She also says if you don’t see him enough have him extra days so I see him but what I want to have my child on the days that allows me to see him, is that too much to ask for?

    she has no one else to look after him when she’s working but this shouldn’t mean that I have to not see him.

    what can I do? all I want is set days so I can spend time with him.

    any advice would be appreciated thanks!

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    If your work is a problem with seeing children, I would look for something more flexible or with reduced hours. most separated parents have an arrangement where each parent looks after the kids every other weekend. also do mid-week if their available.

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