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    Hi there,


    Hope everyone is OK 🙂

    Just after some advice please,

    Ex has a child arrangements order in place only the last few months. He was offered contact regularly but it was a power move ( another story)

    Since the order has been in place the last few months, he has cancelled 6+ contact visits due to going away and is likely to continue and he does not see this as an issue. My youngest is a baby and so consistency is essential.

    Anyway was wondering if there are any powers for him to be pulled up on this as it is extremely likely to continue at the detriment of the children.

    Thanks for reading xx

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    unfortunately no. Those court orders are about the resident parent making the children available to the non-resident parent to spend time with kids. So if he is not available, he can choose not to see the kids, and he is not going against the court order. there are some extreme cases where a parent went back to court and asked for a no contact order, because the child was being badly affected by the other parent by doing no-shows.

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    I think I would agree with Steve regarding the fact you can’t make a parent provide care for their children however, there is potential to apply for a revision of the CAO on the basis that the other parent is not able to fulfil their responsibility. The position would be that this has a detrimental impact on your ability to plan life (?work commitments), plus the disappointment that the children might face from being let down so frequently (emotional harm). They may consider reducing contact commitments to something the other parent is able to manage.

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    Thanks both 🙂

    I think I will just keep a note of everything and at the point where it gets really bad maybe I can ask for a revision of the order.

    It’s just so cruel, we discussed the need for consistency in order for baby to sleep over at the age of 2 and be familiar with surroundings, attached to dad etc. And just no interest so far, even cut the maintenance to go on these holidays and cosmetic surgery, fancy clothes.

    Anyway I’ll.end up ranting if I don’t stop, thanks for your replies x

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