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    I’m new posting. I’ve spent the past year in court for a CAO. Finally had a final hearing recently. I am resident parent. Non resident parent is now wanting to use the free child care I get for being a low income family for his spend time with 3 days every fortnight.

    He doesn’t pay child maintenance and hasn’t for ages still waiting on the CMS. should be DOE very soon.

    He was told at court it’s his responsibility to find child care on his 3 days every fortnight if he needs it. Not mine. I’d be here forever if I was to say why it got to court in the first place but let’s say he wasn’t very nice towards me and the children.

    Surly he can not take away my children’s free hours at there nursery and give it to his mother (child minder) she wants paying if she has to look after her grandchildren.

    Please help me stop worrying anyone. He can’t do this can he.

    Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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