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    CJ Fitz

    Morning. I am experiencing a problem that I would like some help on.

    In July 2019 a child arrangement order was drawn up. For 10 months my daughters father was picking them up every Wednesday and alternate Fridays from their childminder at 4:30pm. The childminder then changed her job and I no longer had a childminder for my 2 daughters and there was no other childminder available. I was in a position where due to covid I was able to take my children to their dads at 4:45 on the Weds and Fri.

    Circumstances have now changed and I am no longer in a position to be able to do this. Father only lives 1 mile away and does drive.

    I have messaged him to ask for a discussion to help come up with alternative arrangements. He says there is no discussion to be had and I have to continue to drop them off as per the court order.

    The court order states “It is ordered that the mother must make sure that the children must spend time with the father

    a) Fortnightly weekend contact from Friday after school until the following Monday morning prior to father going to work”

    b) Every Wednesday from 4:30pm overnight until being returned to mother on Thursday morning prior to father going to work”.

    It does not state that I have to drop them off.

    My question is – Can I insist that he picks the children up or am I obliged to take them?

    Please help, I am feeling very distressed about the situation.



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    It only states that you are to make the children available . So if he would like his children he will have to pick them up from you unless you offer something else.  If he wants to create a fuss then he needs to return to court to variate the order which would require mediation 1st.

    So answer to your question is  No, you dont need to drop them off or have to.

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    CJ Fitz

    Thank you for this. Confirmation of what I thought. 👍🏼

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    Hi I have the same situation yet what usually happens is he will come and pick him up but then refuses to return him just because he likes to be awkward and make a conflict and drama out of every situation!!

    but like you my court paperwork says bacially the same there is nothing in there regarding the drop offs or pick ups!!!

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