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    Hi I need some advise of possible me and my ex have got 2 children together. When we spend 5 years together it was an abusive relationship mentally and on occasions physical. When we split it turned even more sour and for the past 3 years he has done nothing but still mentally abusing me hes mentally abused the children. My eldest child 4 suffers bad with behour problems. Recently my ex has been threating court with going for 50/50 contact even tho our arrangment is every other weekend he sees the kids but I always allow him to see the boys whenever he wants to because I know if I dont say yes he will kick of. Well his weekend he asked to take the boys out monday for tea but due to me and the school working together to sort out our sons behavour I suggested it wasnt a good idea but gave him an alternative and said he could have the children saturday night till sunday lunchtime and then if he wanted to take our youngest son out for lunch as it’s his birthday he is more than welcome to but in regards to the eldest it’s not a good idea. The eldest is also being referred to a behavour specialist. The ex left me a nasty message stating he will pick the youngest up at 3.30 when the eldest finishes school and tell the eldest he cant come out for food because I’m refusing. I then told the ex not to bother seing the children this weekend due to him planning on mentally upsetting our eldest when I already suggested an alternative. I have decided to take him to court to sort this matter out. I dont have to go through mediation due to domestic violence and mental abuse. I dont want the kids to be stopped from seing there father but my concerns are the mental state of my children things he has done is contributing towards our eldest sons behavour problems. I’m scared the court will take favour of the ex as everytime I have asked for help from health visitors to social services no one has listened to me. The ex constantly messages me making me feel I’m a bad parent in every way possible and after 8 years of his abuse iv had enough. I dont want to slate him in court but I still need to express my concerns has anyone been to court in a similar situation

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