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    first time post..


    <span style=”font-size: 12pt;”>So here go… two years my sons father was convicted of domestic violence towards me and my mum, a two year restraining order was done, before his court case he took my son of me, I had to apply for an emergency court order,he was finally ordered to bring him back. Contact was then sorted for supported contact – however he has now been sentenced to prison, just beforehand he was convicted with harassment with intent of fear, and possession of a blades weapon, he stabbed himself in the chest and also cut his throat, I have taken it back to court to stop access for the time being.. what is the chances.. I’m worried sick</span>



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    Anyone can see the dangers in the situation… domestic abuse, self harm… very high risk. Cafecass will be involved and will take the voice and needs of the child into consideration. The child needs to be safeguarded and can’t be in this situation. You were granted a RO and he was convicted of domestic abuse! This will go against him. Get legal advice… google DVASSIST there really good!

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    Thank you  so much for your advice, I will have a look into it.


    im dreading speaking to cafcass

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    Hi Anno123

    I’m one of the moderators.  It sounds like you have a number of concerns relating to your situation.  I will be private messaging you with some signposting options.

    In response to your question mark, I have removed a post as it does not seem to relate to this subject and I assume it was placed here in error.

    Best wishes, Justine

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