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    Hi, I have recently separated from my partner after 15 years in a relationship. We have a daughter who lives with me. He rented a flat when he moved out.

    He is constantly demanding she sleeps over at his place. I don’t feel comfortable with that – she’s been through enough changes, he gets to see he every day including bedtime. He is threatening with court.

    Can anyone advise what Child Arrangements Order process is like and what it entails? Do non-resident parents automatically get a right for a child to spend nights with them?

    Any advice greatly appreciated!



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    Thank you. I was really after people’s experiences with court when it comes to child arrangements order – was this your experience after court proceedings? I guess if things were thst clear-cut we doubt need courts…


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    Thanks. I was asking him to start off with visits to his place and gradually work towards staying over, rather than just insisting she sleeps over without any adjustment period

    I have some concerns, right or wrong, but they make me very uncomfortable; he wouldn’t let me see his place or visit or even have the full address. His new girlfriend is an old friend and I’m concerned how my daughter would react. She also has a violent teenage son. My ex says she would’t be there but i cant be sure. He’s a heavy drinker. This flat is a temporary place at best as he can’t afford it in the long run (he is not paying maintenance or anything towards costs) and once he moves out to a place far less suitable I don’t want my daughter to stay over by default.

    In your opinion, are these reasons irrelevant?

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    Hi Members

    Its good to hear the advice coming through from individuals who may have been through similar circumstances.  Remember that our website is available with useful factsheets and the helpline is open for calls regarding your personal circumstances.  Any concerns about the safety of children can be discussed confidentiality with our helpline on 0808 802 0925.

    Gingerbread Justine

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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