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    Hi there just wondered what you thought of my current child arrangements as a separated dad. I would love to see my son more but just wondered what the forums thoughts were as I am a shift worker.

    My current child arrangements as a separated dad from my son are as follows, I work alternative week shifts of mornings and afternoons week 1. 6-2 / week 2. 2-10.

    • Mondays my son is dropped off by his mother at my parents home (grandparents) at 730am. I then finish work at 2pm in afternoon and go to see him at 210pm i then play with him and spend quality time with him until he goes to bed at my parents his grandparents at 7pm. I then go home to my house as I have work early next day.
    • Tuesday I go to work finish at 2pm and then spend time with my son at my parents home . at 5pm i take my son back to his mothers home 30 mins away. He then sleeps overnight there.
    • Wednesday my sons mother has the day off work. I work 6-2 and don’t see my son. He sleeps overnight at his mothers.
    • Thursdays – my son goes to nursery 8am – 430pm he sleeps overnight at his mothers
    • Friday – my son goes to nursery 8am -430pm I then pick him up at this time and bring him to my home he spends the weekend with me and sleeps at my home Friday Saturday and Sunday night.
    • Week 2 Monday 2-10pm shift. I wake up with my son at 530am and then spend the morning with him i then take him to his grandparents my parents home at 1pm. I then say goodbye and work 2-10pm my son spends the night at grandparents.
    • Tuesday I wake up at 7am and then go to my parents home to see my son. I play with him until around 130pm I then say goodbye and go to work for 2pm- 10pmshift. His mother will then pick him up at 530pm.
    • Wednesday my son spends the day and night with mother as she has Wednesday off work.
    • Thursday nursery 8am – 430pm and spends night at mothers.
    • Friday nursery 8am – 430pm spends night at mothers.
    • Saturday with mother day and overnight
    • Sunday with mother day and overnight.
    • Monday as Week 1 repeat.
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    Hi, Greg, you don’t say how old your son is. I agree with Anonymous that you have a complex order agreed that fits around your work so you are doing pretty well.

    If you want to change it, I think you ought to take time away from your parents rather than the mum.

    would you be better working on how arrangements will run when your child goes to school. Better to get that sorted because it will last a long time.

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