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    Hi all,

    Please advise!

    There’s so much that I could say but I will try and keep it concise.

    I live in Hertfordshire with my 3 year olds boy, his dad lives close by and sees him a few times a week. I want to move just under 3 hours away. He wouldn’t agree, threatened legal action but nothing happened. I’m a student social worker so fairly knowledgeable about child law and aware that there is no law preventing me moving, however, to be proactive, and prevent any disruption in the future, I applied for a child arrangement order, Court is on 21st.

    I know my rights, know I have to demonstrate why the move is best for my son, which it is. Demonstrate how I can ensure contact with dad is maintained.

    All I am struggling with is timeframe. Does anybody know the chances of the order being made in the first hearing and dispute resolution appointment? As I have to apply for my boys school by 15th, so I will apply for 2 in each area. But I would need an address where I Intend to move by 4th March in order to secure him a place. But do not want to give up my house in Hertfordshire incase the judge doesn’t rule in my favour and then I forfeit the schools I have listed here.


    just really want to know what the likelihood is that it will be resolved at that first hearing.


    it’s pretty straight forward, although I’m confident to say that no agreement will be achieved between me and the father during the process. There are no safeguarding concerns, or drug or alcohol issues. It’s just a difference in matter of opinion, dads point will be that he doesn’t agree our son should be moved that far away. My points are better schooling, lower crime rate, lower unemployment and much more affordable housing.


    please advise and help me sleep!

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