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    I have a 4 month old baby with my ex partner. Throughout my pregnancy he was very unsupportive and has shown minimal interest in looking after our baby. He is completely uninterested in doing the actual looking after of the child and only seemed to be bothered about cuddles etc. On top if this, he has been completely reluctant to contribute financially to the welfare of  our child and was more than happy to allow other family members to buy the necessities required (I of course refused this as I want to provide for my baby).

    I have basically felt like a single parent for the past 4 months so have ended the relationship.

    We live with my family currently but were spending 1 night a week with his mum who live 20minutes away.

    We are currently trying to arrange child access arrangements for him to see our baby. I have offered to continue the 1 night with him at his mums house and allowed him 2 evening visits in my home.

    He is stating this is not fair and equal and is essentially demanding 50/50 custody of a 4month old baby.

    Does anyone have any experience of mediation or court where a baby this young is involved? What were the outcomes?

    Thank you!








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    his demands are unreasonable. I have been through the courts and they initially let me see new born child for 30 minutes a week. that built up gradually. child is now 2 and I have had her for day visits. 7 hours every other sunday. overnights due to start when she is 2.5

    you have been reasonable in letting child spent 1 night a week at his place. I don’t think court will take his 50/50 request seriously at all. there are plenty of dads who have gone for 50/50 access with much older children and have still failed to achieve it.


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    There will definitely be no 50-50 and if you are breastfeeding then there will be no overnights either . Courts are reluctant to give overnights straight away unless mum agreeable to it .  Sometimes dads have to wait until their child is 2 , although overnights tend to happen earlier if they attend nursery

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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