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    Hi, new to here hoping for some advice. My partner of almost 3yrs has a 5y old with his ex. Since they split she has caused all sorts of problems regarding him seeing his daughter. He ended up in court last yr to get a court order for access which he got and has been going along nicely for his daughter seeing her dad and their relantionship. About a month ago his ex decided not to allow him access, refusing to hand her over, saying she doesn’t want to see him etc. Today he went to court for a enforcement order in which she didnt turn up again and was told she has emailed a letter stating he’s aggressive to her and his daughter, which is untrue he never has been. And now has to wait another month before a 2nd court date without seeing his daughter. We fear his ex is brain washing their daughter against him and dont know what to do, everything seems to be set up geared towards the mother, she refuses mediation, parenting classes set up by the court and just refuses to turn up. How can fathers be fathers when mothers can do this? We just dont know what to do, the courts seem powerless to this type of behaviour. If there’s any advice, would love to hear

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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