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    Hi, my eldest of 3 (18 years) has decided to leave college early and look for work, so will no longer be classed as my dependent. I have 2 other younger children, am currently a full time student, rent from a housing association and claim housing benefit top up my rent, along with receiving child tax credits and child benefit. Obviously all my benefits will drop and council tax will go up etc, but can anyone advise me a bit more specifically on how things go from here? How will my daughter be treated in terms of income within the household with regards to rent etc? Will it be the same as if I had a partner in terms of calculating household income for rent, council tax, housing benefit purposes etc? Basically what will be the impact of this adjustment so that I can prepare – I have already told my daughter that is she is in work she will have to contribute her share financially.

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    Hi kt, I think you’ll find this page on our website useful: When your child turns 16 or leaves education – Gingerbread.Please do contact our Helpline or webchat if you need to talk it through. Best wishes


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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