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    I am not sure where I stand and a little lost, so a bit of background, I left my ex in 2018 due to DV, when I moved he was arrested 4 times for being at my property, I moved again after 4months of the harassment police unable to do anything at the time.

    So I moved contact was going ahead with my ex and son, in 2019 my son said he dad hit him, reported to police nothing happened till 2020 due to multiple police forces, hitting happened again in September 2020 I safeguarded my son by not sending my, court informed, in court October judges said wasn’t evidence so he went and 2 weeks later came back with bruises saying his partner hit him, police and child services investigated it was closed with NFA as he couldn’t give a timeline of events as he is 5 even though he told child services more then once that she hit him.

    So today I got my child services report and they have shared my address with him even though in the report it states it should be confidential and I am fearful of him knowing my address. Judge and CAFCASS have told him he doesn’t need to know my address.

    I don’t know what to do I cant afford to move and really like my home, son is settled in school but I am just waiting for the door to knock and him turning up, when I hear a van or a car outside I am thinking its him.

    Thank you for reading

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    I’m Michelle one of the moderators here in the forum.  I’ll leave you a private message in your inbox.

    Kind regards


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    There is no need for you to move .  2/3 years ago you split up and he was unhappy and may of come around to your property for number of reasons ..some to do with wanting to see you and to see his son.  You clearly dont like your ex, but isnt it better you try and get along and just allow contact  to go ahead. Your son is at school now and they would pick up on anything untoward if it happened .  I dont think childrens services should of shared report  with your address on however there wont be anything you can do about it other than put a complaint in.

    Its good your son is now in school and settled and doing well , so maybe now is time to put your emotions to 1 side and let son see his dad and try and get on amicably. If he does do anything wrong professional services will pick up on this especially school as its like their second home virtually.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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