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    Dear All, Hope you all well & safe, I appreciate if someone guide me to check child arrangement form which I done my self and ask help from some other friends, but I’m not sure some correct or not, anybody had experience to check the form and help me out please. I’m struggling long time and I can’t afford lawyer fees, and I didn’t see my child more than 6 months, my ex made non molestation order false allegation to me, that hearing on January 2021 first week. so please let me know if can help me out please. or any advice or input to way to find right way please.

    thank you so much for taking time.


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    Hi Kirit,

    I had the same done to me had my hearing two weeks ago, same non molestation pm and I can try and give you some advice from my experience

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    Hi Dee, thank you so much for kind. can you tell me how to sent out form to you, im new here, please explain.

    thank you so much

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    Hi there,


    I’m sorry to hear about your circumstances. I just wanted to ask how the court case went? Was an arrangement made during the first hearing? I have court on the 21st and don’t know what to expect.


    thanks in advance and kind regards,



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    you can complete the c100 form online. I found it much easier than doing paper version. You can send me private message if you need help.

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    Thanks Steve,


    I have made the application but awaiting the court case. I am just desperate to know if my case is likely to be settled in the initial hearing, do you think you could advice? (I would have pm you straight away but with the same name as my ex I wanted to make sure it wasn’t him 😂)


    kind regards

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    do you mind giving a bit of background to your case? there is no need to give names of you, your ex or the children. just the basics as to why you made the application.

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    lol. i choose random names online. bob, bill whatever.

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    It never gets resolved at 1st hearing ever unless both parents agree  contact arrangements by consent. It does depend on why you are taking your ex to family court how long it will take. Dads generally take mums to court for access to children

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    i see your post on another thread now. It will 100 % not get resolved at 1st hearing as your ex doesnt agree . Its likely to take a few hearings to resolve this with more than likely a s7 report being needed .  With you moving 3 hours away it is going to mean a dad that saw his child 3-4 times a week struggling to see their child once a month if their lucky and perhaps half of the holidays if ex partner is able to do that.  You may struggle to convince a judge to allow move if your ex partner brings a strong case forward why move shouldnt be allowed.

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    Thank you all.

    I don’t mind sharing. I want to relocate just under 3 hours away (still within England) I’m aware of my rights and that there are no laws to stop me. But ex kept threatening court but wouldn’t make the move so I proactively done it myself so I know that I can go and he can’t make us come back.


    the new locality offers above average schooling, lower crime rate, lower unemployment rate and much more affordable housing, so much so that I will be able to purchase myself and my son a home this year, a goal which will be unachievable where I currently live.


    I do not want to sabotage contact, I would travel down once a month and he could collect him once a month, meaning we both get 2 weekends a month.

    his only argument is that my son will be moving away from his dad.

    the issue I’m struggling with is that I need an address in the nee locality to get my son into a school by the 4th March. If it goes to an additional hearing I will miss this date and not be able to secure a place.

    Moving away was a goal we had as a family, it’s not like I’ve invented it now to try and get away. I will be able to provide better for my son.

    im a final year student social worker so I have a fairly broad knowledge of child law, but when it comes to your own child it’s so scary.

    I also know the court couldn’t care less, but we split because my ex borrowed 6k of my student loan and gambled it all. Whilst I was taking my baby to work with me as a carer, getting a degree and nursing my dying mother. Which to me demonstrates that he didn’t have his sons best interests at heart then.

    please advise!

    thanks all! 🙂

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    If you offered to drive down with your son to drop off and collect once a month and your ex come and collected and dropped off that may give you a good case. If holidays were also shared and you arranged the same where you collect and drop off or basically split the travel arrangements 50-50 you would have a good reason for a judge to allow this to happen. He would be just missing out on midweek contact  during school term which isnt as important as holiday time or weekend time.

    A lot of cases mum just moves and offers no contact and no assistance with travel. You are presenting a very reasonable case when it comes up to weighing up the good and bad points .

    It is mad actually i said he may only see his child once a month if u moved , add to it you offering to travel as well that would make it every other weekend .I guess at court hearing you are going to try and appeal to your ex partners good side and assure him you arent moving away with your child , but wanting a better life somewhere else and still seeing his dad regular including christmas etc

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    Thank you so much for your reply.

    absolutely, in no way do I want to sabotage the relationship, my son adores his dad, I just want to get settled up there and into this routine whilst he is as young as possible.

    I have tried to reassure my ex but understandably he has just gone on the defensive. So unfortunately we have no other option than to go to court. I would also ensure phone calls or FaceTime everyday, again, my son adores him so I would never take that away.

    so, knowing all of this, are you still certain that there would be no chance of it being agreed at the first hearing? I’m not in a mad rush as such, I have to remain here until I finish uni and placement anyway (may 2021) but I would need to give up my house here and rent up there by March to secure his place in primary school? I would also need to give my landlady a months notice, so the ideal would be an agreement on the 21st!

    thank you so much for your time and advice!!

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    if your ex will fight this all the way, then chances are it will not get solved at 1st hearing.

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    Thank you Steve

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