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    Hi all,

    Well here I am again with a cheating partner, just this time I have a child.

    It’s nearly midnight, what is my next move?

    he’s only a baby, and I may be pregnant again.. I am so mad at him but I’m mostly just sad for a future we had planned.

    I will not be staying, I am not interested in working it out as the betrayal is deep and like I said this isn’t my first relationship with a cheater and I gave that loser 8 years of my life before giving up so it’s not for me.

    He owns this house and I sold mine and used the money to renovate this one sooo more kicks to the crotch.. He can keep it all, I just want out and peace again – he’s had me thinking I’m crazy, as they do

    Anyway – rant.. I have about 4 hours before work tomorrow to get things rolling so any advice is welcome 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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