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    Currently I  have a Minute of Agreement in place detailing the children’s contact with the other parent this was agreed over a year ago and was the best solution at the time when separating. Time has past and I fell the current set up isn’t what is best for the children, both are really young 5 and 2. The current contact set up is the other parent has 4 over night stays every second week and during school holidays care is evenly divided for example one week with me and one week with the other parent. What I have noticed during the school summer holidays (6 weeks)  the children are very unsettled when they are back with me and they don’t what to go back to the other parent the following week, as both are very young I feel 7 days with no contact from their mother isn’t in their best interests, I have tried contacting using FaceTime and this fails and I’m hit with the other parent telling me not to contact the children again!! Again I don’t think this is in the best interests of them.

    I was looking for some advise on whether I have the right to change this arrangement we currently have during the school summer holidays (6 weeks)? I have discussed this with the other parent and they have asked me to drop the topic and move on. I would like to change the current summer school holidays to normal routine of 4 over night stays every two weeks so the children’s routine is not disjointed over a long period of time.

    any advice would be great



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