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    I am getting quite despondent about this. I was 18 when my child was born and pretty vulnerable. The child’s father was quite overbearing and whilst I didn’t want the baby to have his surname, I did feel pressurised into it. Inevitably he left about a year ago & even while we were together was completely disinterested with the baby.  Due to this and the fact that he has had no contact with my son, hasn’t supported him in anyway whether financially or emotionally, I wanted to change my son’s name back to my own surname.

    I have tried to get in contact with my son’s father to discuss this and see if I can get consent. I have sent letters ( all recorded) & I have sent emails both to him and his family but I have had no replies at all.

    I have approached a solicitor and they have said it is pretty much impossible to have a childs name changed without consent and while I am far away from giving up, I would welcome any success stories from anyone who has managed to have a child’s surname changed with out consent. I know you can do it online but this will not be accepted by Schools & the passport office etc.

    If anyone has any insight, that would be great.



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