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    Hi, when my children were born I was in a horrible manipulated relationship with their dad, he is on their birth certificates and they have his surname since their birth he got worse and he eventually hurt me so much I called the police and got him arrested this was in September 2015 I have a restraining order in place and we have moved and changed most things so he can’t find us. But the one thing he knows is that we have his last name he creates new Facebook accounts to steal pictures of the children and message me abuse.

    My question is can I change their last name with out his consent?

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    Hi I’m not sure if you can. I’m no expert but I do think the father will need to agree for you to do that for the kids. I might be wrong and maybe someone on here might have better knowledge on this. But I’m sure i read it somewhere before that you would need to take him to court to get the name changed if get doesn’t agree to this. Again I might be wrong but maybe try citizen advice and see what they say. Good luck

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    Hi, I have changed my sons surname.

    It took me over a year to convince my ex to do so and I was only adding mine in to make it a double barrelled surname.

    I had to get his consent and he, along with a witness had to sign the deed poll documents when they came through to make it official (to be sent to doctors, passport, banks etc)

    legally you need consent and a signature to do this but I do know that you can apply to the family court to have this changed. Given your circumstances I can’t see that they would be entirely against this.

    One option could be to have both of your surnames, his first and yours last without a ‘ – ‘ in between. Legally you then don’t need to use both surnames, only the last.

    Min the meantime though, a better option for social media may be to change the surname. To something maybe completely unrelated.

    Hope things work out for you. X

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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