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    My son is 11 years old.  A few years ago, due to employment relocation, my new husband and I moved 200 miles away from my ex.  We have been sharing travel (meeting half way) but my husband has now changed jobs and works weekends.  I have 2 other children (5 and 8 not with my ex).  My ex lives with his mother and has no children.  I am reluctant to travel to the midway point as I don’t think it is fair on my other children to have their weekends disrupted and one child has in the past suffered from fits (epilepsy has been ruled out).  Access is every school holiday (usually a week at a time).  We encourage indirect contact every week thru skype or phone.

    Do I have to travel to the half way point?  I am seriously stressing about this.

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    Was this put in place by courts to meet half way if not then you wouldnt have too and could arrange something amongst yourselfs xx

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    Have you tried talking to your ex and offering to pay his extra travel expenses?

    Can you travel on Friday evenings and Sunday evenings, after your dh finishes work?  Your ds is 11 so should be able to cope with travel, say, between 7 & 9pm.

    Is there a non-stop bus, so you could put your ds on the bus and have your ex meet him off the bus at the other end?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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