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    Hi, hoping for some advice pointers. Ex husband and I split in Nov 2012, we agreed between us that he would see our son 2 weekends in a row and that I would have him on the 3rd weekend. This agreement has continued with mutual agreement to amend and be flexible due to holidays and other commitments. In Sept 2017 due to a no of commitments it was agreed that we would temporarily have a “every other weekend” routine with son seeing alternating parents each weekend. This continued through to the end of December.  I asked my ex if this could continue as son had really settled with the routine and said that he liked this. I broached the subject with the ex and was point blankly refused to amend the agreement. I said that our son wanted this to continue (him being almost 7) but he said that I had “coached” him to say this as it was what I wanted and previously requested (12 months ago and ben refused). I can see that the only option is to suggest mediation??? I just don’t know what to do and feel trapped by his point-blank refusal to amend the contact arrangements. He doesn’t see our son mid-week due to work commitments but doesnt see that it is not my fault he lives 100+ miles away during the week. I have never refused mid-week access and have always been flexible to meet his swap requests. Feel stuck!!!

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