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    First time caller, as the saying goes, I have an ongoing dispute with the csa over maintenance & arrear calculations that has now seen (as of yesterday) us receiving an eviction notice. We have my daughter twice weekly and 30+ ad hoc days throughout the year. Since separation and ultimate divorce in 2014, I have not been absent father in fact I stayed close to the area that she lives in so I could ensure regular contact. My ex, owns two houses and drives a Jag SUV. She categorically refuses to talk money always insisting that it is the CSA not her that makes the decisions, well that has now led to an eviction notice which affects all and only benefits one person her but not our daughter.

    Anyway, talking and complaining to the csa is like talking to the other-side of the moon, you can’t see it and you get no response (well timely response).

    Does anyone have experience of taking the csa to the ombudsman or select committee and / or success in bringing them in to the world of common sense?

    Thank you for reading

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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