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    I’m a single mum. Recent court order has meant child is now overnight with dad 39 nights a year more than me. This is term time only and a mid-week night.

    Court order says child “lives” with both of us.

    Ex earns double me, has a partner and they aren’t eligible for tax credits.

    So he has claimed child benefit so payments to me have stopped just this week.

    Also  looking like working and child tax credits will stop.

    Plus ex could apply for child maintenance.

    I pay childcare when I’m at work.

    If all above happens – I have no idea how I will survive!

    i have £4,000 solicitor bill/barrister fees left to pay. Once my mortgage and council tax paid, I don’t have enough to cover essential bills/living costs and will be £300 short a month!

    All this while my ex earns atleast double, has a partner!

    Child is at school whole day she has extra with him – wearing school uniform! Eating a packed lunch, not doing anything that costs money!

    I have child half of school holidays and every other weekend and one night mid week term time.

    Do you really think tax credits/chikd benefit will be awarded to him?

    Even though I’ll be left in poverty with a child to look after?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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