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    I never planned on being a widower much less a single father. But I have to make sure my kids knows I love and support them every single day. I feel like a disappointment when I can’t balance work and quality time with my kids, I feel empowered because often times raising kids is labeled ‘the woman’s job. It’s the hardest job I’ll ever love … The hard part is not being able to provide as much for them as their mom. Although it is extremely difficult, and lonely at times, I wouldn’t trade being their Dad for anything in the world. It’s been the most challenging and by far the most rewarding experience of my life, has made me a much more well-rounded person and I’m trying to raise them the same. Keep up the great work, fellow single fathers.


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    Hello Richard,

    sorry for your loss and congratulations on your courage. The feelings you describe are mostly gender free when it comes to single parents. I wouldn’t even think they are completely alien to coupled ones. It is a demanding task. For almost all of us. Keep up the good work and enjoy life and the time with your kids as much as you can. And thank you, of course. As we all know, a woman’s work is never done…., unless a man steps up and finishes it….:-).

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    Hello Sirtobi,

    Thanks for your words of lifting is well appreciated, will be sending you a request so we can friends and get to know each other if you don’t mind..Have a great day ahead looking forward to hear from you.

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    This is a lovely post to read. I am extremely sorry for your loss but it’s inspiring to read that you continue to parent your children. It’s a gender free role and we all feel exactly the same. Keep up the positive attitude and look after yourself!

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    I’m a widow and a mother, it is indeed very challenging and very rewarding. I feel the same way, the same pressure to be everything my daughter needs and feel bad that she doesn’t have a Dad to do more of the Dad things. So far she is a wonderful human and her kindness and generosity astound me. She inspires me so very much to keep going and keep doing my best every day.

    Stay well Richard and a big shout out to all those solo parenting!


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    Well done Richard.  My father was a single parent who brought us up after my mother died and he was and will always be the most amazing man in my life.  I have a lot of respect for fathers and have a family of men who treat women well and set the bar for how things should be.  I something think they set it too high!

    My father did it in the 70’s and always said being our parent was the best gift in the world and made our lives fun and brought laughter even through the tears.  As a single mum now myself I try to do the same and aspire to be like him.

    Wishing you and your family all the best.

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