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    Thinking about my future, is there anywhere I can go to get free careers advice? I’m in my 30s my previous career doesn’t fit with kids (veterinary nursing, unpredictable, unsociable hours, low pay, high stress) , a meeting at the jobcentre with my work coach got me thinking (I’ve not got another one for some months yet as my youngest is still a baby) I said I would maybe go back into veterinary nursing (I’ve only been off the register a couple years so I’m fine to return) and she said ‘how do you think that will work out with childcare’ I know she’s right it won’t it’s the reason I left with my eldest, I was working nights and weekends and not sleeping (I would go sometimes 2or 3 days without sleep as my ex also worked full time) and that’s just not going to work as a single mum. She suggested I think about jobs I might like to do that would fit around my children. But I’m a bit lost I don’t know what I would like to do? I don’t know what jobs would be best? I am happy to retrain and go back to uni I just don’t know what I should study?! What careers do other single parents have? what skills would be useful?

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    I found the key things that make full time work ok  are, a short commute, predictable  hours so childcare is easier, and a decent employer who will cope if your child is sick.

    I work in IT so working from home occasionally is the norm, and that really helps.

    Could you use your vet skills in another way, maybe for a vet supplies co.  What about Food standards agency or another govt agency?

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    If the job centre is not helping try the citizens advice bureau.

    Also as i presume you have qualifications based around vetrinary nursing why dont you stretch them out. Course analysis.

    Your overall qualification allows you to be a vetrinary nurse but there was undoubtedly more that went into your training.

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